Friday, November 14, 2014

October/November recap

I'm sorry it has been so long! Everything has been in a state of flux around here so I have been putting off doing a post. So let's dive in!

Halloween was not so memorable this year. I was sick for the week leading up to it and wasn't feeling up to taking the kids trick or treating by myself in the rain. We rented a movie at redbox, got drumsticks, stuck a bowl of candy on the porch and stayed in for the night. I didn't hear any complaints from the kids. Jonah had already worn his costume for the parade at school and the boys can wear theirs for dress up.

We have adjusted doses of medication for Jonah up and down several times and still are not where we need to be. The dose high enough to make a difference at school means we have an angry and sad heap of a child by the time I pick him up from school. We have an appointment next week and I plan to ask for a smaller dose in the afternoon to be added so maybe we can avoid that. It all just sucks and I wish I had all the answers and knew what to do to help him. He is doing fantastic with reading and is blowing through the readers they send home. He has a great memory and memorizes the poem of the month in the first week. He did not get that gift from me. He learned the Lord's prayer and was very proud of himself.

We got word last week that Matt was not being offered the fellowship. We had a few days of complete panic but after contacting a few places we're confident he'll be able to find a fellowship at another hospital. That means another move in June and more than likely it will be an out of state move. We'll keep you updated when we have more details!

I am still waiting on my nursing license! Illinois still hasn't cashed my check for the license verification they're supposed to send to Ohio. Illinois is one of only a few states that still does it by mail. Everyone else uses a website. So if I get it tomorrow and immediately get hired somewhere, I'll use the license for 7 months before moving.

The little boys are growing and talking more every day. I realize they're very behind on their speech but are making strides. Elliott will repeat everything but has some things he says a lot. He usually says either please or now after a request. Another is "come on, Simon" because Simon is never in a hurry to get anywhere. He counts but only to 2. Everything is 1, 2, 1, 2. Simon has not gone anywhere all week without George, Baby George and Elmo. It is quite the handful. He keeps busy in his kitchen and organizing things. He takes boxes out of recycling and fills them with things like napkins, socks, and dishcloths. A few weeks ago he picked up a hold mail request card at the post office and had been carrying it around all the time so was upset when he found it in the recycling bin. Now I have to try to sneak it away again.

Here are some cell phone pictures. I do have pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch but I'll save those for another post.

I don't think the photographer realized what she had gotten herself into with these three boys. This was the best group shot.

Weird kids
Simon and his crew
Veronica sent the boys new hats. I think Jonah is sleeping with his.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The weekend

Last Friday was a busy day for us. The little boys and I went to a pumpkin patch for the resident spouse association playdate. They loved the tractors most of all. After we picked up Jonah from school the boys got their flu shots and we got a prescription for Jonah. He was officially given the diagnosis of ADHD, combined type. When the Dr was listing off the criteria for diagnosis it sounded like she was describing Jonah. We haven't seen any change so far but I'll meet with his teacher this week to see if she notices a difference.

The weekend included soccer, laundry, yardwork, Harry Potter and Halloween costumes. The plan is to make our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend and maybe the zoo too. Matt had his interview on Thursday and a dinner last night for the fellowship position. They said we would know by the end of October. All three of the candidates are great so they have a very hard decision to make.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Chilly weekend full of tractors

We had a fun weekend but it was much colder than we expected. Wasn't it just 80 degrees last week?! It was a relaxing weekend with only one commitment on Saturday and just hanging out the rest of the time. We/I needed that after last week. I had a few bad days where I just wasn't doing well. Friday is the due date for the first baby we lost but this week is already looking like it will be a better one. The boys are a big part of that. Jonah has been playing school with the little boys and it is so cute. This afternoon they had snack time where he shared his lunch leftovers with them. Then they went to library and gym before nap time. That is where it all broke down because the boys were not wanting to lay down.

Simon had his speech therapy evaluation and tested at 18 months for verbal expression (3 years for everything else) but in the last week has shocked me and started talking more and more each day. I'm debating on whether or not to start therapy just so we wouldn't have to go into the clinic and potentially be exposed to germs every week when we would like to avoid Simon getting sick.

Elliott has been cracking himself up lately. He likes to tell me that he has a dirty diaper when he doesn't and then will laugh. Today he even laid down next to the diapers, told me he was dirty and then laughed and laughed when I asked him if he was really stinky.

Matt has his official interview for the IR fellowship on Thursday so please send some prayers his way this week.

Story time! He was so proud to tell his teacher he read to "his boys".
Probably the most often repeated word by the boys is tractor and Elliott's most often repeated phrase is "Papa tractor ride".
A little hot chocolate to warm up
We planted a tree for Benjamin that looks beautiful in Grandma and Grandpa's yard.
So serious!
Grandma gave us a ride!
Matt is supervising while Grandpa and Jonah find worms
Simon wants to go to school NOW!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

While making dinner

Two of three kids are being entertained by the tv and I'm watching my carrots boil and wishing Matt was home. He is on IR (interventional radiology) this week and does his official interview next week for the IR fellowship. I want him to get one of the two spots because I want him to be able to do whatever he wants but at the same time I don't love the call and unpredictability of IR.

We had a weekend away last weekend thanks to grandma babysitting. We went to Indianapolis and had a great time. I loved everything so much I couldn't choose my favorite. We walked along the canal, took a paddleboat down the canal, watched Guardians of the Galaxy at one of those movie theaters that serve you food in your seat (I may never go to a regular movie theater again), had breakfast at Starbucks and went zip lining.

Monday and coming back to reality was tough. So far Jonah has been up at 5 am every morning this week and woken his brothers up. That means come 4 o'clock I have three cranky kids. Jonah's school started sending home readers with the kids this week. Once they master one they give them another. I was shocked when Jonah read the entire thing without help. Matt usually reads with him before bed so I didn't realize how much he had progressed. The best thing is that he seems much more confident in himself.

We're excited for cousin Nate's birthday party this weekend. It's the first we've been able to attend since his first. It's crazy that it's October already. I have yet to start on Halloween costumes but once I get all the supplies they shouldn't take long.

Dinner is almost done so I'll wrap it up. We're enjoying the last of the Plunk garden summer vegetables and having stuffed peppers. I need my own garden next year!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hooray for fall!

The weather has been gorgeous and we've been enjoying it. Matt started a week of nights last night. Its going to be rough. Jonah was up at 2:30 am and 5:30 am this morning. He was busy as usual. He made himself and the dogs some half and half chocolate milk. I'm always afraid to come out of my room in the morning and see what he has been up to. I was so preoccupied with cleaning said chocolate concoction off the kitchen floor and the dog pee off the carpet that I completely forgot Jonah had soccer this morning until Matt came home from work and said something. I'm hoping the weekend gets better from here on out.

We made some major progress with unpacking. Even though we've been here for months now there were at least 10 large boxes that I had shoved in the weird bar room. Now all but one is unpacked and the closets and dressers are almost switched over from summer to winter. They installed new windows on the sun porch this week. They look great and actually open. The boys love playing out there but I think it will be too cold in the winter.

Last weekend I had a girls weekend and next weekend Matt and I are spending in Indianapolis. I'm still waiting on my Ohio nursing license so I can start applying for jobs. I set my camera out and charged the battery so I could take pictures of the boys at the zoo yesterday. I even remembered to put a memory card in the camera. However I did forget to put the newly charged battery back in the camera and so I was left with just my cell phone again. I tried to get pictures of Jonah but he wasn't having it.

Watching the new windows be installed
Scared of the Halloween decorations at Home Depot
Haircut time
Playing doctor
Elliott is a runner and the boys help me capture him.
No pictures, Mom

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First day of kindergarten

Jonah started school at the end of August and this week is his first week where he goes all day. He is loving school and I feel like we made the right choice. His teacher couldn't be more perfect for him and I love that he has art, music, foreign language and computers. I took a few pictures very quickly on the first day and attempted a couple with all the boys.

We got our first fundraising packet from school today. If you were thinking about renewing or getting a new magazine subscription follow this link and the school gets 40% of profits for computer upgrades and field trips.

Also, I have an order form for scrips so if you wanted to buy a gift card with a portion of the cost going to the school I can hook you up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy busy

It would be nice if life would slow down but then again being busy is a nice distraction. Jonah started school last week and getting up at 6 am is killing me. I told Matt today we need to home school so I don't have to get up so early. Also the multiple trips down the 17 steps to the car because the boys won't go down the stairs is no fun. I know the winter is going to be brutal. The really nice thing is that they have drive thru drop off so technically I don't have to get dressed. Next week drive thru pick up starts too so I won't have to get the boys out and walk in to get him. Today the teacher asked if we could set up a meeting. I knew it would happen eventually but I wasn't expecting it after 6 days of school. I met with her and I cried because apparently I have to awkwardly cry in front of an unsuspecting poor soul every week. No really they were tears of relief. Finally someone who had the same concerns and observations I have for two years that other teachers and pediatricians told me were normal boy things he would outgrow. I had already called the ADHD center at Children's last month and had the evaluations ready for the teacher to fill out. Once she turns them in we can go ahead and make appointments.

We're getting to know the hospital well unfortunately. On Jonah's birthday Simon fell and cut his head requiring staples. This week Simon also went to the audiologist. We didn't have any concerns about his hearing but he has a speech evaluation coming up and that is always something they want checked. The audiologist got a big kick out of him because instead of looking to the left or right in the direction of the sound and toy he would always look into the booth because he knew it was the audiologist talking. Here are a ton of pictures from my phone and a few my sister took last weekend of the boys. I'm going to work on catching the blog up on the boys soon.

This park had the cutest little cars. Too bad they were metal and very hot. 
Waiting for brother to get out of school
One of the parks I walked in this week. It was early so very foggy but the gardens were beautiful.
A dear friend sent me this. I love it! If you need Origami Owl I can give you her info.
A rare moment when they weren't fighting.
If I'm ever looking for my oven mitts I know where to find them.
You can tell who runs the show here.
Elliott is a very fast runner and there is Simon sitting on the sidewalk taking his shoe off.
I showed him the last dance in Dirty Dancing. 
They're saying its 100 degress and too hot to be outside
Hooray for weekends! It will all end when I start working again. 
When Simon is throwing a tantrum he likes privacy. He'll go sit on our bed or go upstairs.

With my glasses of coure