Saturday, April 19, 2014


We had some nice weather a couple of weeks ago and took advantage of it. Here are a few pictures of the kids playing in the yard.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Um, it's been a long/fast few weeks. The cold that wouldn't end sent Simon to the hospital (via ambulance!) from the pediatrician's office. He had a virus, as did we all, but then developed bacterial pneumonia. He and Elliott also both had double ear infections. Simon was admitted on a Friday and discharged on Sunday. The next Friday he had a fever and was working hard to breath again. Turns out his ear infection was worse so he got different antibiotics and is now feeling much better. Elliott is done with antibiotics but Simon still has a few days left. February and March were pretty crummy around here and seriously derailed preparations to move. Now we're at just under 70 days and I'm feeling panicked. The weather is getting nicer though and we've enjoyed some time outside. Simon screams and throws a fit when he has to come inside. Here are some cell phone pictures! Matt works moonlighting shifts tonight and tomorrow night. I'm officially done with work. I called in for my last shift because I still had a fever so the end was anticlimactic. The plan is to get Jonah settled in school and find a job in Cincinnati.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Barrage of cell phone pictures

This is the cold that doesn't end. It goes on and on...

Sick babies and tired mommy

The upside of sickness is getting to snuggle

Going stroller free to and from preschool most of the time now

Jonah doing homework and the other two mostly coloring on the table

Flowers to help the house sell

The zoo crew

Food on the plates and not the floor. They must be sick

Skeptically watching Caillou after a 4 am wake up

You would think Matt dressed him but it was me. Stripes match, right?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ack, this blog has been neglected. At work last night several people asked about the boys and guessed they are about 2 years old. When I thought about it they really are almost 2 which I can't believe. The past 2 years have gone by so quickly and the last month has been no exception. In between the normal day to day trying to keep up with things I have been doing projects around the house to get ready to sell. Progress is being made but slowly. Simon and Elliott had their 18 month pediatrician appointment at 19 months. I don't know how much Elliott weighed because they put one boy's stats on both of their papers and this time it was Simon's. So Simon weighed just over 23 lbs (35%). Elliott weighed slightly more I believe. Simon's height was in the 1% and his head circumference was 79%. Elliott was taller and had a smaller head. Elliott makes a lot of noise and will repeat words. Simon mostly grunts, points and shake his head yes or no. He says "please" now as he signs "more". He also says "baby" which I think refers to his blankets or animals. Jonah was Star of the Week at preschool last week. He has been waiting all year for this and I was disappointed there wasn't more hoopla. He decorated a poster about himself and presented it to the class on Monday and that was it. We had planned to take him out to dinner but all three boys came down with colds so in the interest of protecting the public and our sanity we postponed.

Here are some sort of recent pictures. The ones at the park are from February and there is one of Jonah on St. Patrick's Day. We had gone shopping the week before and for the first time he tried on clothes in the dressing room. He is out of toddler sizes and I wasn't sure what size pants to get him so we went to the Gap Outlet. Since he is a big fan of looking at himself in mirrors it was a big hit. There was posing and dancing.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello March!

I was making good progress packing and cleaning until we had some nice weather last week so we spent all of our free time taking advantage of it before the rain returned. Jonah has been wearing me down lately. If I only had a quarter of his energy I would be able to accomplish much more. He is up at 6 am or before every morning and is so busy. Even though we discuss and set out quiet activities the night before he still makes huge messes and wakes everyone up. Last week alone he made some artwork with a book of forever stamps, managed to use an entire roll of scotch tape on who knows what, dug into the middle of the coffee cake I had made for breakfast with his hands, spilled oatmeal all over the counter and floor while "eating oats like a horse", and woke his brothers up every morning way before they were ready. I know I'll miss him but I'm beyond ready for his mind to be busy in kindergarten.

Simon had a little virus over the weekend. He was running a fever Saturday night and had a sore bottom from dirty diapers. As I was leaving for work he was just laying on the couch and wouldn't even hold his cup to drink. He was feeling much better this evening. I think we've created a monster though. I told Matt to put a little lemonade in his water to encourage him to drink and now he is requesting it all the time. Since he doesn't talk there is a lot of grunting, gesturing and nodding of the head.

I only have cell phone pictures to share. One day I'll get a new cell phone with a good camera but we're waiting until we move to see if we'll change providers.

Jonah's first lego creation made following the directions all by himself.

This is an example of one of Jonah's morning messes. I'm pretty confident he has hoarding in his future.

Cleaning crayon off the grout on the fireplace. He said it's okay though because he wasn't 5 1/2 when he did it. He was only 5 and it was a long time ago. Like 50 years.

Wearing Daddy's shoes

Busy boys

Enjoying some fish and chips. 

This was before Elliott's haircut. I did have a picture of it in a ponytail but I can't find it.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Matt just shared with me that during the resident ski day the program director was giving a speech and Jonah whispered "Dad, I want to give a speech too." That is very Jonah.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Last week Matt took Jonah on the annual residency ski day. They didn't ski but Jonah got to play in the snow. I stayed home and took Elliott to get his hair cut. I need to get a good picture of his hair. At first I thought it looked too much like a bob but it's grown on me. We got some snow over the weekend. Thankfully I had made it to work on Saturday before it got too bad and the roads were fine in the morning. I dropped off clothes and toys at a consignment sale on Friday and most of the stuff sold. Matt has been doing a couple lectures for medical students which he loves. We got word over the weekend that he was a match in the bone marrow registry he had signed up for a few months ago. The chance that he would match is 1% but he has to have more blood work done to check for further compatibility and they said most of the time due to the results of those tests or changes in the patient's needs the donation is not done. It would mean flying to a hospital that does them for a couple of days but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Jonah was very excited about the Seahawks going to the Superbowl and winning. Matt wanted to take the boys to the parade but it was 30 degrees that day and I knew it would be a long day so we stayed home. I think they said there were around 500,000 people there and traffic was horrible so I'm glad we were at home nice and warm. Simon and Elliott now spend a lot of there time trying to open doors. Elliott is tall enough to reach the handles on his own but Simon usually relies on a chair, toy or the wipes box. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.